Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Country Life - Weeks 2 and 3


Well, here we are again. We have completed weeks 2 and 3 of our new life and all is good.

The house is slowly but surely coming together (Eric is working super hard on it) and I have completed my first week of my new job. It is challenging and I am loving it. It is everything I wanted to do in my life as a career. I do miss my ABC family though. Gotta give a shout out to Tina, Conni, Michelle, Gracie and Alice, not to mention Scott, Stucky, Randy, Terry and all the guys! Miss ya'll tons. My bosses are great, the view from my office is a bunch of RV trailers and then fields of nothing. It's quiet to say the least. :) I am loving it though.

Eric is working really hard on getting boxes unloaded and the house in tip top shape. I love him so much and he is such a wonderful husband. He has really made this transition very easy for me. I miss my family and we DEFINITELY miss our church family at POG.

Speaking of church, we are checking out a church tomorrow in Groesbeck and we will report back on that. Prayers needed for open hearts and minds as we start "church hopping" and that we don't limit God's plan for us by having any expectations. 

The boys are doing fine, they have their moments. They just finished football a couple of days ago and got beat pretty bad for their last game and they were bummed, but we know they played their hearts out. 

No dogs ran away but we have somewhat adopted a very LARGE white dog that has made our porch a bed during some of the cold nights here. We lovingly refer to him as Goliath. Can't afford to keep him, but he is such a sweet dog and our dogs have taken upon themselves to make sure he KNOWS that this is THEIR house and THEIR people. They played with him only after attacking him and making sure their stakes are claimed. 

We have had our first couple of hard freezes and we are loving the weather here. Can't wait for winter. We are seriously hoping we can invest in a Ben Franklin Pot Belly Stove to keep us warm so we can save a little in electricity. So, if you know of any place to get one fairly inexpensively, please let us know. Thanks!

The people here are so nice. It is just amazing to see the difference in small towns compared to big cities. I have also realized how quickly I have acclimated to the small town life and it's go with the flow, nonchalant ways. We went to Waco last weekend to try and find an HEB Plus and low and behold they opened a brand new one there. We were excited to go and feel "at home" a little and I have NEVER been so anxiety driven by the amount of people and confusion than I did there. The traffic was AWFUL and we were ready to get back to our small town. Eric and one of our good friends said that I have apparently picked up the accent here and quicker than I anticipated. I really hoped I never would, but...oh well. Now, I guess the transformation is almost complete. Eric says all I need now is boots and a belt that has my name on the back. Sorry babe, not sure that will EVER happen. Boots, for sure yes, belt...mmm...thinking not. I am not a cowgirl.

Well, that is it for now. We are so blessed by the amount of support we have had from our family back in Austin/Hutto/Pflugerville and God has really shown that this is truly HIS plan for our lives at this stage of the game. We ask again for prayers to find a church and not limit God's plan for us, prayers for a job for Eric soon and for Eric's mom Jeanne to find a job soon. Please also pray for the boys and their attitudes and Jeanne's ability to rear them and raise them with the word of God as her belt of truth. We also ask for prayers for Dave and his acceptance of the changes that have occurred and that his heart softens.

Well, until next time. Love to you all!

Eric and Stephanie

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