Saturday, December 3, 2011

Merry Christmas from Mexia!

Hello All!

We hope that this blog finds you abundantly blessed and full of joy for the Christmas season!

Our Thanksgiving was a good one. We spent Thanksgiving day with Eric's mom and our nephews. We had a blast and TONS of food. Then Thursday night we braved a drive to Austin with 2 teenage boys accompanying us. That was fun too. We then spent the weekend with my family in Austin. Finally got to see our nieces and just have good family time. Got to see friends we havent' seen in a while and we got to attend church at Point of Grace. Overall the weekend was amazing!

Work is still going well for me. Really getting the hang of my job and my responsibilities as well as learning some new strengths and weaknesses I have. It's all good though, I am learning and God is blessing. Eric has now started doing some odd jobs that is keeping him busy at least a few days a week. I got a call from someone who used to work with the company I work for and he was told by my boss that my husband was looking for work and now he is doing some good old fashioned manual labor which he loves to do. It could potentially work into something more permanent and full time perhaps. Prayers for that please.

This week we got to attend our first small town Christmas parade and our nephews walked in it for Boy Scouts. It was so neat! It was especially neat to see MERRY CHRISTMAS instead of HAPPY HOLIDAYS. It's a good feeling to live in a town that still values the reason for the season. There were TONS of people lining the streets to see the parade. It was pretty cool.

No animal tragedies to speak of. Shelby ran off again while we were in Austin for Thanksgiving but we didn't rush back and she came home the next morning. Silly dog. OH, I did get attacked by our grey goose (insert vodka remarks here) but we actually have a grey goose that is MEAN! He likes to attack me mainly and this one weekend when our friend Toni came up to visit, he attacked me and got my calf. I had a bruise. Booger!

Our momma cow is not far off from delivering another calf. She is due this month. Can't wait to see that and experience the birth hopefully.

Well, that's about it for now. We are getting ready to celebrate our first Christmas in our new home and we are doing really well. I can say that I am loving our new digs and God just continues to bless us and take care of us. He always provides and we know now that this is where He intended to move us.


1. Eric finds a permanent job
2. Eric's mom finds a permanent job
3. Drama with Eric's step father
4. Boys behavior
5. Us to find friends here
6. Continued financial provision from God

Thank you all for being so important to Eric and I and we are so happy that you are reading this blog and staying connected. Please comment and tell us how YOU are doing. We miss everyone so much and love ya'll dearly.

Merry Christmas and HOOK'EM HORNS!

The Tolletts

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